Our Slopes

In 2009 Christ’s College Ski Club underwent major redevelopment. The hill was completely stripped, the diggers moved in and re-modelled it, and then we all worked very hard to relay the slopes with a large quantity of new mat. So now we have 3 wonderful slopes, each designed for a specific purpose – beginners, skiers and donutters.

The Nursery Slopes

The Nursery Slope at The Guildford Ski Centre

Nursery slope – 20m long, at a gentle gradient ideal for those first tentative moments on skis.

The Main Slope

The Main Slope at The Guildford Ski Centre

Main Slope  – 50m long with a progressive gradient for progressive learning!

The Donutting Slope

The Donutting Slope at The Guildford Ski Centre

Donut Slope – 40m long, a little steeper than the main slope, and specially designed for donutting.

Together they offer the opportunity for intensive tuition at all levels. Don’t worry, we have floodlights for evening sessions and tow lifts on the main and donut slopes, and yes, we do operate in all weathers, throughout the year (all our instructors are waterproof).

Why learn on a dry slope?

We are firm believers in the benefits of skiing on artificial surfaces. Obviously being in the UK, snow is lacking and dry ski slopes provide an excellent alternative. We believe that dry ski slopes help to prevent bad habits developing and that those who ski the most efficiently are likely to be those who learned and practised techniques on an artificial slope.

For beginners, our club provides the opportunity for safely learning the basic ski skills, whether purely for fun or to prepare for a skiing holiday, and our instructors all speak fairly good english!

More experienced skiers can benefit by practising and improving their techniques, even the best of us pick up the odd dirty habit.

Another sensible thought …

You’ve just spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of pounds on your ski holiday, so you don’t want to spend the first 2 or 3 days of your holiday on the nursery slopes. Come and spend some time with us and get the best out of your holiday, as well as getting the most out of your expensive lift pass.

We are frequently asked for advice on the best exercise to prepare for your ski holiday, it’s easy – come skiing!

Have a fantastic holiday - warm up at The Guildford Ski Slopes