Corona Virus Update 19th June

The Guildford Ski Slope is still closed, and after much discussion we have made the difficult decision not to re-open until September.

There are both commercial and personal reasons for this decision.

From a business point of view, our normal Summer opening times are restricted anyway, and we always close for August. We realise that many activity places are preparing to open from July 6th, if they can do so whilst complying with social distancing measures, but the majority of our Summer business is parties, and unless the number of people allowed in outdoor groups is increased significantly from 6, we still won’t be able to do those. It simply doesn’t make financial sense for us to re-open for 3 weeks in July just for the odd family session.

On a personal note, anyone who has been to the slope will know that it is very much run by James, with other staff coming in when it gets busy. For various reasons James is actually in quite a high risk group for Covid 19, so does not wish to increase his exposure to potential infection at this point. Plus his ability to go to work is currently restricted because with the schools being closed he is largely responsible for the home schooling of his 2 boys whilst his wife is still working.

This is a new situation for everyone, and as the situation evolves, there will inevitably be changes to the way we do things, so please bear with us. We sincerely apologise to anyone who was wishing to visit us in the near future, and hope to see you in the Autumn. We are taking bookings from September, so if you would like to make a booking, please send us an email booking request.