Corona Virus Update 29th May

The Guildford Ski Slope is still closed, and will remain so until Government guidelines allow us to open.

Skiing and Snowboarding

We have made the decision not to open for skiing or boarding before September 1st. Most of our business revolves around teaching, which does increase the difficulty in maintaining social distance. The demand for skiing and boarding in the summer months is generally low, and we actively encourage people to wait until September anyway – long sleeves, trousers and gloves are not pleasant when it is hot, and the slope always runs very slowly in the Summer, so the whole experience can be less than ideal!


When we are allowed to, we will be offering donut parties and private sessions for members of the same household. Details are still being finalised, but the following is an outline of our plans –

  1. There will be no need to enter the building at any point except to use the toilet facilities.
  2. Parties will be scheduled with half an hour in between sessions to allow time for cleaning, and to ensure separation of those arriving and leaving.
  3. There will be a one way system in the car park, with separate drop off and pick up areas.
  4. Maximum number of participants will be 12.
  5. Staff involvement will be in a purely supervisory capacity, there will be no-one helping to push the children.
  6. The only parents permitted to stay are the hosts. This, and clause 5, may mean that although the minimum age is still 6, it will not be practicable for a whole party of little people.
  7. Donutting itself will be carried out in a socially distanced manner, so donuts will only be able to descend individually, not in pairs or 3’s.
  8. Picnicking is not an option for the present.
  9. Public sessions will not be offered yet, although we will take private bookings for individuals living in the same household. Other scenarios will be risk assessed on an individual basis.

This is a new situation for everyone, and as the situation evolves, there will inevitably be changes to the way we do things, so please bear with us.