Monday 21st                Open

Thursday 22nd             Open

Friday 23rd                  Open

Christmas Eve             Closed – far too excited

Christmas Day             Closed – of course!

Boxing Day                   Closed – too stuffed to move

Tuesday 27th                 Closed – playing with the kids’ toys

Wednesday 28th           Open

Thursday 29th               Open

Friday 30th                   Closed

New Year’s Eve            Closed – getting ready to party

New Year’s Day            Closed – sleeping it off

Monday 2nd                  Closed – it’s a Bank Holiday

Tuesday 3rd                Open – every day from now until Easter

‘Open’ means available for bookings—all activities need to be pre-booked because if there’s nothing to be here for, we might not be here!

We will only have skeleton staff in on the 28th and 29th, (if that’s possible after Christmas!), so we can’t guarantee availability if you call on the day to book.