Christmas is coming!

What, already? Well no, not quite, but once Christmas is over everyone thinks about their ski lessons and we get very busy, so why not get yours in while we’re quiet, and we still have an offer running?

Half Price Ski Lesson

Book 3 ski lessons, and we will give you your 4th one half price. All 4 lessons need to be paid for in one payment, taken before Christmas, and be for the same person/people.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for Christmas present ideas, have you thought about Ski Slope gift vouchers? We can make vouchers out for exactly what you would like – ski lessons, snowboarding, donutting, or just a value, whatever suits you best.

Boring Stuff

All sessions must be booked in advance, please call 01483 504988 or email us for further details or to book.