Welcome to our new Website

People have been telling us for a long time that our website needs a little (alright, a lot!) of TLC, so we finally dragged ourselves out of the dark ages, and here is the new one.

At the same time we have slightly rebranded ourselves to make where we are and what we do a little more obvious. We are now Christ’s College Ski Club at The Guildford Ski Slope, with the emphasis on ‘The Guildford Ski Slope’, and there is a new logo, and web and email addresses to reflect this. Emails to the old address are being forwarded, and there will soon be an automatic redirect from the old website to the new one.

Please excuse us if there are a few minor glitches along the way (like the out of date posts you probably just recieved telling you about Ski Test, Coffee Morning and 50% off a Ski Lesson!), and feel free to let us know if you notice anything not working, or just have any feedback for us.

We hope you like it!