Covid-19 – Tier 4 update January 4th

We are sad to say that we have taken the decision to close whilst we are under Tier 4 restrictions, even though the guidelines would allow us to operate in a very limited way, eg 1:1 private lessons for adults, or exclusive family groups for donutting.

If we were to remain open, we would be putting ourselves at unneccesary risk of exposure to Covid, for something that would barely be financially viable. Also, if the guidelines say that you should only leave home for certain essential reasons, donutting and ski/snowboard lessons hardly count as essential!

We expect to stay closed all the time that we remain in Tier 4 or higher, so we are currently not taking any bookings for January. We may be able to take bookings for February if the situation eases, but we are taking bookings for March with crossed fingers. As soon as restrictions are eased we will post an update on when we will be re-opening, and what bookings we are taking.